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Meaning and Significance of Gayatri Mantra......!

About Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri Mantra (The Mother Of The Vedas) Is The Foremost Mantra In Hinduism And Hindu Beliefs. It Inspires Wisdom. Its Meaning Is That "May The Almighty God Illuminate Our Intellect To Lead Us Along The Righteous Path". The Mantra Is Also A Prayer To The "Giver Of Light And Life" - The Sun (Savitur).
In The Gayatri Mantra, The Word Gayatri Refers To The Five-Faced Goddess Gayatri. She  Is Said To Have Domain Over The Five Senses Or Pranas, And Protects These Five Life-Forces Of Those Who Chant The Gayatri Mantra. In Her Role As The Protector, Gayatri Is Referred To As Savitri.

Meaning Of Gayatri  Mantra





Oh God! Thou Art The Giver Of Life,
Remover Of Pain And Sorrow,
The Bestower Of Happiness,
Oh! Creator Of The Universe,
May We Receive Thy Supreme Sin-Destroying Light,
May Thou Guide Our Intellect In The Right Direction.

Word To Word Meaning Of Gayatri Mantra:

Benefits Of Gayatri Mantra:

The Vedas Are Widely Considered To Be The Source Of All True Knowledge, The Word "Veda" Itself Meaning "Knowledge". Gayatri Devi Also Gave To Mankind The "Gayatri Mantra", Also Known As The "Guru Mantra" Or The "Savitri Mantra". It Is One Of The Oldest Mantras, And Generally Thought Of As Being Amongst The Highest And Most Powerful Mantras Of All. This Mantra Is Therefore Often Referred To As "The Mother Of The Vedas". 

Chanting Of Gayatri Mantra Results In Extraordinary Benefits To Its Devotees. Numerous Persons Over Thousands Of Years Have Achieved Material And Spiritual Benefits By Chanting It. 

Chanting Of Gayatri Mantra Removes All Obstacles In Our Path To The Increased Wisdom And Spiritual Growth And Development. The Teachings And Powers Incorporated In The Gayatri Mantra Fulfill This Purpose. Righteous Wisdom Starts Emerging Soon After Jap(Recitation) Of The Gayatri Mantra Is Performed.

In The Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna Had Proclaimed To Arjuna - "Among All The Mantras, I Am The Gayatri."

Manu (The Father Of Human Race) Says That “Gayatri Mantra Having Three Phases Was Formed By Brahma As The Essence Of Three Vedas. There Is No Greater Purifier Mantra Than Gayatri Mantra. Any Person Engaged In Doing Gayatri Tap Regularly For Three Years Realises God. A Dwij Who Meditates On Gayatri Mantra In The Morning And Evening Twilights Gets The Benefit Of Reading Vedas. Such A Person Can Attain Divine Powers (Siddhis) By Gayatri Japa Alone. Those Who Perform The Japa Thousand Times Daily Get Rid Of Sins Just As A Snake Casts Off Its Slough. A Dwij Who Does Not Worship Gayatri Deserves To Be Condemned."

So This Was The Significance And The Benefits Of Gayatri Mantra.

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